3 Secrets that Keep Iron Fireplace Doors Clean 3 Secrets that Keep Iron Fireplace Doors Clean

Iron is a beautiful, durable fireplace material, but keeping iron fireplace doors clean can be time consuming. Use these tips to minimize cleaning time while preserving the iron on your fireplace.

Fire Black

Fire black (sometimes called stove black) is a paint designed to withstand extreme temperatures while preventing rust. It comes in spray cans and can be purchased at most specialty iron stores. Coating the iron doors and other iron fixtures around the fireplace with Fire Black may be a  messy, and time-consuming job, but once applied, you need only wipe down the iron surface to remove soot.

Black Lead

Another product called black lead, or black tubing, can also be applied to iron to keep it clean. Apply it with a soft brush and then rub it off with a soft cloth. Like fire black, it's a messy job to undertake, but it makes cleaning much easier while keeping the iron looking beautiful.

Wire Brush

Cleaning iron fireplace doors that haven’t been pretreated requires a wire brush. Steel wool works as well, but takes quite a bit longer. If you have a drill or a Dremel, the brush attachment will help speed up the process.


For stubborn jobs you may need to hire someone to sandblast the surface of the iron, an effective, if costly, approach.

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