3 Signs of a Bad Alternator

An alternator is a vital part of your vehicle's electrical system and, as such, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the telltale signs of a bad alternator. Below are some of the most common indicators of a problematic alternator.

1 -- Frequent Jump Starts

While this particular problem can be symptomatic of a number of other vehicle issues, frequent jump starts are often a sign of a bad alternator. If you find that your car often needs jump starts, this could mean that the vehicle's alternator is failing to provide sufficient electrical power to the battery. So, if your battery is relatively new, and hasn't given you many problems in the past, a faulty alternator may be to blame for your vehicle needing frequent jump starts.

2 -- Loud Rattling

One of the most common indicators of a bad alternator, is a loud rattling sound emanating from the location of the aforementioned component. If you hear such a sound coming from your vehicle, make a point of having the car checked out immediately.

3 -- Dimmed Dashboard Lights

Dimmed dashboard lights are another telltale sign of a bad alternator. So, if you've noticed that you've dashboard lights tend to dim and then subsequently return to their usual level of brightness, your alternator may be to blame.