3 Stamped Concrete Patio Design Tips 3 Stamped Concrete Patio Design Tips

Building a stamped concrete patio has become extremely popular within the last few years. Whether you are reading a book, having a barbecue, or even just lounging outside and enjoying the sun, a beautiful stamped patio will make the experience even more enjoyable. There are countless designs and colors that can be used when building a stamped patio, so personal preference is a main factor when designing one. There are a few helpful tips, though, that make the decision process easier.

Tip 1: Choosing a Color

As with any other home improvement project, choosing a color will make the difference between an entire house that matches, or whether one area will offset another. The majority of people like to have everything match, so the first thing that you want to do before installing a stamped concrete patio is to walk around the outside of your house and take in all the colors present. If you already have patio furniture, then analyze the colors of them as well. For instance if you have a white house with brown trim, and tan lawn chairs, then you will want to compliment the earth tones. Of course, you can always add color into the patio in stages as well, giving you a lot of brown with small sections of white, which will blend in with the house even better.

If you are one of those people that prefer to have colors that clash, then chose so accordingly. For instance, using the example above, you could color the patio a bright red or black, which would  accent, rather than compliment, the house and furniture.

Tip 2: Choosing a Pattern

Once again, the sky is the limit, when it comes to the pattern of the stamped patio. You can make it have a brushed look, cobblestone look, brick or rock look, or any other type of design that you want. You can match the design look of your house, such as installing a brick pattern on the patio if you live in a brick house, or you can offset the patio by forming a completely different design. Just be aware, though, that some designs are smoother than others when walking on them, so if you walk around barefoot a lot, or if you have younger kids that do, then you may want to chose a simpler design that would not be so rough on bare feet.

Tip 3: Choosing a Border

Choosing a border can be an important design feature when building a stamped patio. If you plan to have flower beds around the outer edge, a border will offset the main patio, so that the flowers stand out more. For instance, if you have a brown rough textured main patio and plain to line it with red roses, a light tan or red border would allow the patio to gradually go from brown to red without causing a major clash of colors.

Designing a stamped patio, is the hardest aspect of installing one. The best tip for you to remember when designing a stamped patio, is to go with what you want, and what you like. Do not let someone else, such as a contractor, decide what is best for your patio.

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