3 Steps for Proper Mattress Disposal 3 Steps for Proper Mattress Disposal

A mattress disposal is not an easy thing, particularly if you are environmentally conscience and you don’t want your mattress to go to a landfill. If you are considering what to do with your old mattress, the following steps may help.

Step 1 – Contact your Vendor

If you purchased your new mattress from a local vendor, they will generally remove your old mattress when your new one is delivered or, they will agree to pick your mattress up. Unfortunately, most vendors dispose of these mattresses at a landfill.

Step 2 – Advertise

There are several great ways to advertise your mattress: Craigslist, an ad in your local paper, etc. If your old mattress is still in good condition, there will be someone who could benefit from its use, particularly if you choose to give it away. In choosing to give your mattress away, you will not only bless the life of someone, but you will free yourself from the guilt of having sent your mattress to decompose in some landfill.

Step 3 – Contact Local Charities

Although local regulations may restrict some organizations from receiving your mattress, by contacting some charities you may discover that they may know of someone who could benefit from your mattress or it may be something they can accept.

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