3 Styles of Deck Railing Lights 3 Styles of Deck Railing Lights

When choosing your deck railing lights, there are many different styles and style combinations you can choose from depending on the type of lighting effect and look you are going for. A nice, well appointed deck is a luxury that can bring joy to family and friends alike and well placed lighting greatly enhances this effect.

Railing Cap Lights

If you have a large deck and would like big areas washed with light of varying intensities these lights mounted on top of your railing poles are perfect. These are usually a larger sized light and can come in many different designs and finishes to match your deck and the ambiance that you are trying to achieve

Post Mounted Lights

These are smaller and less intrusive lights especially if you have a smaller deck or want an even, vertically low light for thins like parties. This lights are mounted on the side of your deck posts facing in and also come in many different styles and varieties. If placed properly these can give a low, relaxing up lit feeling do your deck

String Bulbs

These are an old favorite. They come in many designs and colors and are extremely easy to install. The major problem with this lighting choice will be in hiding the cord between the bulbs.

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