3 Styles of Wood Deck Railings 3 Styles of Wood Deck Railings

Wood deck railings are the last finishing touch to a great looking outdoor living area. With the different styles of wood deck railings, a do-it-yourself homeowner can add a lot of character to their home and landscape. Deck railings refer to the entire piece, both the rail and the stiles. If you are looking for a way to finish your deck, here are a few styles to think about.

1. Universal Wood Deck Railings

The universal look to deck railings is the standard 2 by 2 beveled stiles attached to 2 by 6 boards that serve as the top edge and bottom joist. 

2. Horizontal Stiles

Another way to design the wood deck railings is to use the same type of wood, but in a horizontal configuration. This adds a little bit of a different look to the universal railing while also providing safety on the deck.

3. Custom Look and Shape

Besides the universal 2 by 2 beveled slats and 2 by 6 joists, you can configure your own deck railings with any shape or style you choose. Use a 2 by 4 frame with plywood sheathing and shingles, large planters, or intricate designs with the small wooden slats. When customizing the look of your wood deck railing you can choose any type of configuration you want as long as it meets local building codes. 

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