3 Stylish Flat Roof Skylight Designs

Having a flat roof can present some challenges when it comes to choosing a skylight design. Fortunately, many companies have started to offer great skylights designed specifically for flat roofing. Roof skylights are not only great to look at, they offer many benefits as well. The value of your home will increase, and your rooms will benefit from the natural light. Your energy bills may even drop as a result. Here are a few design choices to consider if you have a flat roof.

Combination Roof Lines

If you have an area that is partially flat, and partially pitched, a combination skylight can add a unique look. You can find these to use with almost any pitch. They are designed to be placed on both the pitched area as well as the flat roof area. This looks great in entryways and in sunrooms alike.

Pyramid Skylights

If you want a way to add some depth and dimension to your flat roof, consider a skylight with a pyramid design. These are more difficult to install since they will require a new framing system around the sky lighted area. The extra effort is well worth the look you will achieve.

Tinted or Stained Glass

For an extraordinary look consider using tinted or stained glass. A flat roof will accommodate the colored glass well since there isn't any pitch involved. You won't have to worry about the pitch taking away from the beauty of the glass itself.