3 Stylish French Door Window Treatments 3 Stylish French Door Window Treatments

French door window treatments are a wonderful addition to any home – from the way they look to the way they open up a room and give it light. It is imperative that one decorates them with window treatments that keep with the room theme and maintain the elegant look about them.

Door Panels

Door panels come in an array of colors, and are popular in sheer or solid colors. These can easily be gathered on poles at the top and bottom of the panels and then drawn together to make an hourglass shape. This provides the perfect combination of light and privacy.

Full-size indoor shutters on a track that can be open or closed are a great solution if it’s more privacy that you’re after.

Other options
If you’re after some privacy but still want the option of light perhaps a set of plantation shutters that can be tilted up or down are another great option.

Any number of stores – from fabric stores to home improvement stores – can assist you in finding the right option for your French door window treatments at an affordable price.

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