3 Symptoms of a Bad Accelerator Cable

hand on the accelerator cable in an engine

Your car can’t continue to function with a bad accelerator cable. The trick is knowing that it’s going bad and taking care of the problem in time.

1. Outer Shell

The accelerator cable is covered by an outer shell to protect it. If you feel there might be a problem with the cable, inspect it all along its length. If the outer shell is frayed in any way, or if it’s kinked, you need to replace the cable immediately. Even if you don’t have a problem at the moment, you will very soon, so you’re preventing anything becoming worse.

2. Poor Response

If you press down on the gas pedal and the engine responds poorly, not really picking up speed immediately, the problem may lie in the accelerator cable. Open the hood and check the tension. You may find too much play in the accelerator cable, as it can stretch a little. If there are any kinks in the cable, replace it immediately before it breaks.

3. Cruise Control

With cruise control, your car should maintain an even, smooth speed. If you begin to experience jerkiness when using cruise control, the problem could lie in the accelerator cable, and it should be replaced.