3 Symptoms of a Bad Air Flow Meter

The air flow meter of a vehicle is a component used to measure the density and flow of the air that flows in the combustion chamber of an automotive engine. It is a very important component in the vehicle, allowing the central computer of the vehicle to regulate the fuel/air ratio. If something goes wrong and the airflow meter fails, you will need to replace it right away. Here are some signs of a bad airflow meter:

The Check Engine Light

All new models feature a check engine light, which notifies the driver of potential problems. If the check engine light flashes on, that can be the early symptom of a bad airflow meter and you need to have your car analyzed so that you find the cause of the problem.

Reduced Performance

The airflow meter is a critical component of the balance between fuel and air in the vehicle’s engine. If it fails, it will cause performance issues for the engine. This means that you might experience engine stalling, shuddering, pinging and low gas mileage.


If you see a grey color, thicker than the normal, smoke coming out from the exhaust of your car when you start it, this is a sign that the car is running too rich. This means that the engine is burning too much fuel. In this case you need to have your vehicle checked to find the problem and see if it is a symptom of a bad air flow meter.