3 Symptoms of a Failing Oxygen Sensor

Vehicles make use of an oxygen sensor for a range of different purposes, such as the engine and fuel supply. This can result in a range of different problems in the event of the sensor developing a fault. Being aware of the indicators of a failure to the sensor will help you determine when a repair is required.

1 – Engine

Where the engine becomes problematic, such as suddenly idling or not running as smoothly as it is capable of, you may find that the oxygen sensor is the cause. The engine timings and combustion process is contributed to by the oxygen that has access to the engine, which can create a problem where this is restricted. Any unusual sounds from the engine can also be caused by the sensor.

2 – Emission Levels

A failure of the oxygen sensor can be the cause if you discover a change to the emission level produced by your car. The sensors will usually help to keep emissions within certain limits, which can cause it to increase if it fails.

3 – Mileage

Getting the best mileage out of your vehicle is important to ensure that you get the best value from the fuel. A failing oxygen sensor can prevent the fuel delivery system from working properly, which can result in more fuel being used.