3 Termite Treatment Safety Concerns

Termites on wood
  • 1-2 hours
  • Advanced
  • 50-200
What You'll Need
Termite baiting system
What You'll Need
Termite baiting system

Most of the methods for termite treatment are chemical based and therefore certain safety measures should be taken. It is understandable why people are concerned about their homes being treated for termites. Regardless of the method used, the pesticides designed to kill termites, referred to as “termiticides,” are safe. When applied in a proper manner by trained professionals, they pose little risk to humans.

Safe Methods

The newest and most effective termite control products are registered as low hazard to humans and other mammals. They are free of obnoxious smells and do not emit any airborne residues or fumes.

The baiting system is one of the best termite control products on the market. Little plastic stakes are stuck in various places around the home, and they slowly release small doses of chemicals that are toxic to the termites only. Since the bait is placed underground, children and animals have no access to it. The method is environmentally friendly and a lot safer compared to older treatment ways.

Other Methods and Safety Issues

Several outdated products are still in use and they may cause health problems in people suffering from asthma.

1 - Soil-Applied Termiticides

pile of termite damage

People who have decided to have their homes treated with soil-applied termiticides should know that as an added safety precaution, it is advisable to leave the property during treatment. Basically, the ground floor of the building and the perimeter around are treated with termiticides as to eliminate the underground hiding spots of the termites. Once the chemicals get dry, they will remain where they had been applied. Then, the risk of leaching into groundwater is minimal. At this point, you can safely return to your home. In the course of several years, only a small percentage of the termiticides used will remain in the soil.

2 - Termite Fumigation

house tented for termite fumigation

A termite problem may also be treated with the use of termite fumigation. Since the method involves the use of strong chemicals sprayed inside the home, safety measures need to be taken for the occupants. In order for the procedure to be carried out in the entire home, vacated beforehand, it should be covered with a rubber tent while the fumigant gases are released inside. Once the fumigation is over, the tent is sealed to prevent escaping of the gas. Depending on the size of the property and the stage of infestation, the process may take up to a week. Occupants are safe to go back inside by the third day the tent is removed and the home is aired. The small amount of gas that may remain after fumigation has been proven completely safe for humans.

3 - Small Scale Infestations

In the case of a smaller scale infestation where just one specific spot must be treated, the occupants of the home may even remain inside. The chemicals will be injected directly into the infested areas such as crawl spaces or walls; therefore it is unlikely that anyone enters into contact with the termiticides at all. The unpleasant odor that may be noticed afterward is not harmful and again there are no safety concerns for humans.