3 Textured Compound Mixtures that Work Well Over Old Venetian Plaster

If you want to improve the look of some old venetian plaster, then you should consider adding a layer of textured compound over the surface. This will give the plaster the support it needs, while still bringing the wall up to a modern standard of decoration. What kind of material you need will depend upon the condition of the old venetian plaster.

1. Joint Compound

Joint, or drywall, compound, is the ideal solution for old plaster walls which have developed cracks and chips over time. Addling a little of this compound to plaster can help you to get a smoother look to your wall, and will also create a textured feel. The compound can also be applied to most walls in order to create a smooth surface.

2. Cement-based Compounds

Cement-based compounds are the roughest form of plaster mixture, and create a sand-like texture on the wall. These compounds come in a range of textures, with some only creating small peaks in your paint, and others acting more like a gravel compound.

3. Lime-Based Compounds

Other forms of compounds can use the same lime-based mixture which was used in creating the original venetian plaster wall. These can create an old-world feel, while also forming the perfect base for tiling or fresco paint work.