3 Things to Check When an Evaporative Air Conditioner Won't Turn on High

An evaporative air cooler is a popular alternative to air conditioning units for use in cooling off a home or a room, during the hot, humid summer months. One of the problems that homeowners will find with the evaporative air cooler is that they may have a problem with turning on high. If you have this particular problem, here are some things to check to fix the problem.

1. Check Control of Unit

If the air cooler unit is connected to a wall thermostat, the control box may not be engaging to let the fan turn from low to high. Check the master control box with a voltmeter to see if each of the components are working as they should.

2. Check Motor

If the control box is working as it should, then the motor of the evaporative air cooler may be the problem. Check to see if the motor is free and turns easily. Also, check to make sure that it engages the high speed fan. If not, you will need to replace it with a low-voltage motor to work with the control box.

3. Check Fan

There are times when the fan of the air cooler is not functioning properly. Check all the wire connections and whether or not the fan moves freely. The evaporative air cooler may be going into high, but the fan is not reading the message.