3 Things to Know Before Installing a New Shower Pump

A shower.

The shower pump was once an appliance that simply boosted the water pressure in homes that depended on gravity for their hot water flow. It was especially prevalent in the United Kingdom, where the water heater in most homes was in the attic. A shower pump turned the trickle into a full blast. Now homeowners whose water supply flows sufficiently are adding pumps that make showers more enjoyable. The shower pump has become a luxury instead of a necessity.

1. Pump Placement

Where to put the pump will be determined to some extent by your choice of pumps. It will need to be placed in a horizontal position either near the shower or near the water heater. It can be mounted on a concrete slab or in the attic.

2. Climate Conditions

Temperatures where you live will help you determine what type of shower pump to buy and where to place it. Attics are often poorly insulated, so water can freeze easily there. That fact might help you determine which of the two pump types to buy.

3. Single or Twin Impeller

Decide which you will need: single or twin impeller. The single drives water that has already passed through the mixer valve. It must be installed near the shower head, possibly in the attic. The twin impeller has additional inputs and outputs so it can pressurize both the hot and cold water. This shower pump should be near the water heater.