3 Things to Know Before Looking at Home Paper Shredders

Home paper shredders can be the solution to the heaps of paper waste inside your house. Newspapers, junk mail, old documents and receipts, and even your kids’ school works pile up regularly in your home. For security purposes, you may shred these papers before disposal, using a reliable paper shredder. If you don’t have one at home yet, here are some things you have to know about these devices.

1. Strip Cut or Cross Cut?

Paper shredders come in 2 types: strip cut and cross cut. Strip-cut shredders shred paper into long and thin strips, measuring 1/8 to ½ inch. Cross-cut shredders, on the other hand, cut paper horizontally and vertically, resulting in paper pieces that resemble confetti. This type requires more maintenance than strip-cut.

2. Volume and Capacity

For most users, low-volume shredders that can shred 100 to 150 sheets per day are sufficient. But if you have more paper waste, look for high-volume shredders that can double or triple the volume of paper. Choose a shredder that can accommodate up to 5 sheets of paper at one feeding to save time.

3. Paper Feeder

Find a device that has a throat or opening that can accommodate the size of paper that you have at home. For example, if what you have at home are letter-size papers, you can get a shredder with an 8 3/4 or 9 inch throat.