3 Things to Know Before Shopping for a New Natural Gas Water Heater

If you are shopping around for a natural gas water heater, then there are a few things that you should be aware of before you put down any money. Purchasing a gas water heater is not very difficult. If you are ready to buy, then there is no reason why you cannot do so. However, you should be aware of a few risks and facts before you start.

Health and Safety

Natural gas water heater designs have improved since the 50s, but there is still a greater risk of explosion, ignition, and gas leaks than with other types of gas. If you are determined to have a natural gas water heater, then you should also have a gas monitor alarm, which will tell you if toxic fumes are escaping. 

Styles to Choose from

You will also be looking at a number of different styles of water heater, including both tanked and tankless water heaters. The latter are considered to be a lot less expensive than with a tank, and you also have other safety features which can benefit you.

The Environment

Many choose to use a natural gas water heater in their homes due to the lessened impact on the environment. This can be a big decision if you want the benefits of hot water with a reduced carbon footprint.