3 Things to Look for in a Water Detector for the Basement 3 Things to Look for in a Water Detector for the Basement

If you want to get a basement water detector, then you may have already considered several options. There are many different varieties on the market, some of which perform better than others. The choice of basement water detector can depend upon either what suits your family needs, or finding one which is the best protection for a low price.

In addition to a basic water detector, you may decide that you would like several other sensors in the same machine. Water detectors are available with a sump pump attachment, which could alert you when there are problems with that drainage system and basic flooding problems.

You may want to consider the sensitivity of your water detector before you make your purchase. How sensitive your detector is will depend upon the system it uses. One might use a basic water sensor inside the alarm, while others have hydro-sensitive panels which are placed on the floor or along the walls.

As the basement water detector will be two or even three floors away from the bedroom, it is a good idea to have a detector with a loud alarm, so that you will be awoken in case of a flood.

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