3 Things You Need to Know before Installing a Hanging Wine Glass Rack

A wine glass rack is the perfect way to improve the appearance of your kitchen. You can install this easily yourself, but you need to do some simple research into the different types of wine glass rack that you can install. Installing your wine glass rack can be done by using a few simple tips.

1. Find the Right Size

Choose a wine glass rack which is long and wide enough to support your wine glasses. The rack needs to be strong enough to hold all of your wine glasses without falling from the wall. Examine the screws that come with the rack, and then choose a cabinet of the right thickness for your rack.

2. Use Paper

Take a large piece of paper, and place it onto a flat surface. Arrange your racks on the paper until you are pleased with the effect. You should try several different positions to get the right one for your kitchen. You should also check that your glasses fit onto the racks without too much effort. You should mark the outline of the racks on the paper, and then install this in your cabinet as a template.

3. Follow the Template

Once you have fitted the paper, install the supporting screws. Fit the racks onto the supports, and then install the screws which will hold the racks to the wall.