3 Tips for a Repairing Leaky Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal breaks up food pieces so they are less likely to clog your sink drain. It also reduces the stench of decaying food garbage. If you have a leaky garbage disposal, it could be due to a number of problems. Identifying the problem is the most important part of fixing your disposal.

1. Turn Off Power

It’s not enough just to turn off the switch that operates your garbage disposal. You need to shut the power off to the disposal in order to begin working and avoid electric shock. Turn off the water as well.

2. Inspect Drainage Pipe

Check the screws on the drainage pipe. If they are loose, that could be the cause of your leaking. Tighten the screws. Run the water through to see if the garbage disposal is still leaking.

3. Where the Garbage Disposal Meets the Sink

Check that the bolts are tight at the garbage disposal mount. If you still have a leak, check the plumber’s putty around where the disposal meets the sink. You may need to add more plumbers putty. Apply putty at the sink’s flange and let it dry. Make sure you tighten all the bolts when reassembling the garbage disposal.