3 Tips for Attaching Fine Art Prints to Mattes 3 Tips for Attaching Fine Art Prints to Mattes

If you have some fine art prints which you wish to mount in frame or decoration, you will first need to place them onto a matte or foam backing in order to preserve their shape. This will allow you to frame your fine art prints without ruining them.

1. Select a Mat

You should first pick out a matte which is suitable for your needs. You can purchase a large matte which will show off the colors of the matte to their best advantage, or you could choose a matte which is plain. The latter can be concealed behind the fine art prints.

2. Shaping the Mat

You need to make sure that you cut out the matte to a slightly larger size than the art print. You can add a small amount if you want the matte to be discrete, or you could extend it to around 6 inches for a display matte. A large piece of matte board can be trimmed down to support smaller fine art prints, but larger prints should be supported by a foam-core matte.

3. Installing the Mat

Use a straight edge to trim along the matte, in order to get it to the right shape. Place the fine art prints picture-side-down on a cloth, and then use a mounting adhesive to spray along the back of the picture. Press the matte down on the print.

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