3 Tips for Building a Fence around Flowers 3 Tips for Building a Fence around Flowers

Building a fence for the flowers you love so much, is a wonderful idea. The fence provides a frame for the garden and support for taller flowers or vines that climb; it also protects the flowers from playing children and digging pets, so the fence will need to be a strong one.

Tip 1 - Materials

There are quite a few fencing options for you to choose from and vinyl fences are actually one of the most popular. Vinyl looks similar to wood from afar; it also lasts for a long time, but it is a bit more expensive than wood. Wood, on the other hand, is gorgeous, but it has its draw backs. Wood has to be tended to; even then, it can still rot and break. Metal fencing is another option, but not one that many people are choosing, because it is very expensive.

Tip 2 - Posts

An important thing to consider before putting up a fence is its strength. You want to make certain that whatever type of fence you have decided upon, that the posts are secured deep in the ground and held with cement.

Tip 3 - Level

Before the cement is dry, check to make sure that the posts are level, both vertically and horizontally. Make any needed adjustments.

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