3 Tips for Building Deck Footings in Frost Areas 3 Tips for Building Deck Footings in Frost Areas

When considering building deck footings in frost areas, all you need to do is dig and pour your deck footings, so that they are able to extend right below the frost line. In this way, they will not be spoiled or would not move when the ground freezes during different weathers. The following article provides tips to help you build deck footings in frost areas.

Tip 1 - Assistance from Utility Company

Call the local utility company so that they can help you before you start the digging work. They can help you in marking the areas around the site where the electrical, gas and water lines are buried. You can also ask them what the frost depth requirement is and the required size and the shape of the footings. Accordingly, make the necessary footing holes.

Tip 2 - Deep Footings

Make sure that you dig out the area deep for the footings. You need to go underneath the frost line as mentioned above. In cold areas, the frost lines end up being much deeper as compared to other climates. Thus, you need to have the deeper footings rather than having it shallow.

Tip 3 - Position Spikes on Ground

Try to position few spikes on the ground, say on all the 4 corners of the deck. Connect a string from 1 spike to another spike. This will help in giving you an idea of the shape and structure of the deck. Moreover, it will also help in showing you how the footings should be dug to the inside of the spikes.

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