3 Tips for Caulking Exterior Window Trim

To weatherproof your home from the outside, using these 3 tips for caulking exterior window trim will save you time and money.

1. Preparation

It is crucial that you clean the trim before caulking. Remove any old caulk around the windows. If you are applying caulk for the first time, you will need to finish all sanding and priming before caulking.

2. Application

Be sure that the caulk you will be using is silicone based to weatherproof your windows. It is also a good idea to invest in a good caulk gun. Load the caulk cylinder in the gun and cut off the tip with a knife or scissors. Hold the gun at a 45-degree angle and apply constant, even pressure on the gun as you go across the seams. Go over any wide cracks with a second coat to get a good seal.

3. Inspect after drying

It is important to inspect the caulk after you are finished. The caulk will shrink as it dries. Reapply in any areas where you see cracks or thins spots that may allow leakage later, paying special attention to all areas where two joints meet.

4. Maintenance

Caulking will seal out water, and will also help save on your heating and cooling bills year round. Follow up by checking the caulk once a year and repairing or replacing as needed.