3 Tips for Choosing a New Kitchen Sink Basin

Whether you are completing a kitchen refurbishment or simply want to replace a kitchen sink basin, there are several factors to consider. By fully considering all the aspects of a sink, you will be able to achieve the style that you desire.

1 – Décor

Take into account the existing décor to help decide on the type of kitchen sink basin you will choose. For example, a modern stainless steel basin will look out of place in a farmhouse cottage style kitchen, which will suit a stoneware type sink better.  

2 – Accessories      

Think about how you will use the kitchen sink basin to determine what accessories you need. If you want particular types of faucets, initially check whether they will fit on the type of sink that you want. Similarly, if you want to make use of items, such as a sink sprayer or garbage disposal, you should ensure that they will be compatible.  

3 – Plumbing

If you do not intend to replace any of the pipes that are used to plumb in the kitchen sink basin, you must ensure that the sink will fit them. In addition to making sure the weight of the sink is not too much, the diameter of the pipe fittings must match.