3 Tips for Choosing a Stone Fireplace Hearth

A stone fireplace hearth is the most creative and unique kind of fireplace that you can get for your home. The reason for this is because all stones look different from each other, which means that no one will ever have the same hearth as you. Stone hearths are also very durable, which makes them a great investment. You can be sure that your stone fireplace hearth will last long enough for your grandkids to enjoy. Stone hearths have existed since the ancient eras, but in the modern day how do we choose the right stone fireplace hearth for our homes?

1. Design

Even if stones are basically all alike, there are still subtle qualities in different kinds of stone. For one, there are stones with different textures and colors. Although you can modify the color of your stone hearth to some extent after installation, it’s important that you choose a stone fireplace hearth with stones that fit perfectly with the overall look of the room that you are going for. For example, if you want to build a room that is warm and comfortable, a dark colored stone hearth will be more to your liking. On the other hand, if you are going for a look that is modern and classy, maybe bleached white stones would be a better bet.

2. Synthetic Rocks

One important consideration is the price of the installation of a stone fireplace hearth. It will be somewhat costly if you decide to go with a stone fireplace made with real stones. The reason for this is because suppliers of stones need to pay for taking these stones out of the ground and transporting them, not to mention permits for quarrying these rocks. If you really want to have a stone hearth but you do not have enough cash to make that happen, you can always use artificial stones instead. Artificial stones allow you to capture the same essence of a stone hearth without having to shell out too much for one. Other than the price advantage, artificial stones give you a wider spectrum of designs and color to choose from, which is why other homeowners go with the synthetic kind.

3. Outdoor Fireplaces

You don’t have to keep your stone hearth inside of your home; you can get one for your backyard as well. Outdoor stone fireplaces are wonderful focal points for any kind of space. You can even ask your contractor to modify your outdoor fireplace so that you can use it for cooking. Lastly, you can use wood for outdoor fireplaces, unlike its indoor counterparts, where you are forced to use gas or pellets. Outdoor fireplaces can be a place to spend a wonderful dinner with friends and family during a chilly night.