3 Tips for Choosing an Electric Fence Charger

When it comes to choosing the best electronic fence charger, there are several things that you will want to keep in mind. Here are 3 of the top tips to help you make a decision.

Tip 1 - Consider Your Power Source

The most important thing to consider when you are trying to decide which electric fence charger is best for you is the power source available. While there are several options such as solar power, battery and plug in, you will want to look into each to decide which is best. They all have advantages and disadvantages to them. While you will pay more for solar power and battery up front, you will also want to keep in mind how much you will need to pay in the long run for each. If you plug in for your power source, you will wind up paying each month a hefty electric bill. When you are considering the power source that you want to use, if money is a big factor, you will want to consider both the use of the fence as well as how big it is. This way you will know how much money and power you will be putting into it and you can decide which power source is the cheapest for the numbers that you have.

Tip 2 - Consider the Use of the Fence

The reason for the fence is going to come into play when you are deciding what type of charger to get. If you are trying to train a large or unruly animal then you may end up using a lot more power than if you are just using it for the pre-trained family dog that rarely gets out.

Tip 3 - Keep the Fence Size in Mind

The final thing that you want to keep in mind is the length or distance of your fence. The longer the fence, the more power that you are going to need. Also, the size of the fence, the amount of wires that go into it and the distance it is off the ground all play into the overall size and therefore the amount of power that is needed in order to charge it.

The bottom line is that you need to keep the power in mind when you are deciding which type of charger to get for your electric fence. The more power and distance that you have, the more you are going to need to charge it. The more you charge the fence, the more you have to consider the cost.

These 3 tips though should help to guide you through the decision process. Many times you will want to first decide the aspects of the fence so that you can easily make a decision about a charger. You can also bring in the dimensions as well as a budget and a professional can help to guide you in the right direction in finding the best charger for you.