3 Tips for Choosing an Energy-Efficient Window Shade Style 3 Tips for Choosing an Energy-Efficient Window Shade Style

Since energy efficient window shades come is so many different colors and styles, you won't have to sacrifice style for efficiency. If you are tired of plain old curtains and you want to dress up your windows with a eco-friendly shade or awning there are a few ideas which can help you decide.

Tip 1: Cellular Blackout

You can choose cellular blackout shades if you want an item with layers of insulation inside. The air pockets have extra insulation to give extra protection against the heat and the cold. They also reduce the effect of outside noises. They are available in quite a few colors and are remote control for easy use.

Tip 2: Exterior Shutters

They will keep in the heat and prevent the cold air coming in to your home. Material choices are wood, aluminum, steel or vinyl and they will close from the outside. They are similar to storm windows and will protect against high winds.

Tip 3: Thermal Shades

Thermal shades are another classic interior window dressing which adds character to your windows. The material is thermal based and will have good insulation properties which retain heat in the room and prevent external drafts from penetrating the interior. They make a fine and attractive addition to windows as well as being functional

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