3 Tips for Cleaning a Stainless Steel Watch 3 Tips for Cleaning a Stainless Steel Watch

If your stainless steel watch has recently fallen victim to smudge and assorted dirt, some helpful stainless steel cleaning tips are in order. you'll be pleased to learn that there are a number of tips on how to successfully clean a stainless steel watch. The following three tips will help you restore the stainless steel on your watch to its original gleam.

1. Carefully Wipe Down the Surface

One important stainless steel cleaning tip is to always wipe down the watch with a nonabrasive washcloth before proceeding to apply your glass cleaner. When performing this step, take care to pay special attention to the face of the watch and wipe in small circular motions to remove any smudges or large dirt deposits.

2. Clean the Watchband and Face Separately

After performing your preliminary wiping, detach your watchband from the face of watch, enabling you to clean both parts separately. Next, put a small amount of glass cleaner onto a nonabrasive washcloth and proceed to clean any dirt or smudges off the face of your watch using gentle circular wiping motions. As your watchband is liable to have hard-to-reach dirt deposits in its various crevices, you will need to clean it with an expendable toothbrush lightly soaked in stainless steel cleaner.

3. Keep the Face of the Watch Safe From Water

The final stainless steel cleaning tip is to give the still-detached watchband a thorough water rinsing. Next, use a lightly dampened nonabrasive washcloth to carefully wipe your glass cleaner off the face of your watch. Once every last trace of the cleaners has been removed, dry the components with a nonabrasive cloth and proceed to reconnect them.

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