3 Tips for Cleaning an Enamel Stove Top

An enamel stove top is an extremely durable and scratch resistant surface. Enamel stove tops will last many years and are manufactured to withstand extremely high temperatures and wear and tear. There are many ways to clean an enamel stove top.

Tip 1 – Soft Cloths

Soft cloths can be used with a good cream cleaner. Rinse the cloth in warm water and soften the stains before you wipe them off. This will get rid of surface grease and minor stains, but you may find that spills are harder to remove without a little more force.

Tip 2 – Spray Cleaners

You can employ the use of a spray cleaner and let it soak into the stubborn spill before cleaning. The spray will loosen the leftover burnt on food, and it can then be easily wiped away with a soft, damp cloth.

Tip 3 – Abrasive Cloths

It is quite safe to use heavy, abrasive sponge wipes on enamel. The ability for the enamel to withstand scratching means you can be reasonably harsh with the cleaning off of particularly stubborn spills. Green abrasive cleaners will work well on enamel surfaces and not do the surface any harm.