3 Tips for Collecting Acacia Seeds

Acacia seeds are collected from the acacia, which is also known as the thorn tree. Acacia has more than 1200 species worldwide, out of which more than 900 are found in Australia. The quickest way of growing Acacia is from its seed. The following provides some tips to help you efficiently collect acacia seeds.

Best Time to Collect Acacia Seeds

Autumn is the best time for collecting acacia seeds. The seeds can be collected from the pods when they ripen or when they turn brown, depending upon the species. It is advisable to collect mature seeds for seed longevity.

How to Collect Acacia Seeds

Acacia seeds can be collected by throwing a rope with a weighted end over branches. Collecting seeds from the ground after they shed is the cheapest method for ensuring collection of mature seeds.

Another effective method for seed collection is to tie a cloth bag or a nylon pantyhose over the ripening pods. This also protects the seeds from insects.

Selection and Storage of Seeds after Collection

After collecting the seeds, discard the pods and store the seeds in an airtight container. The hard coating can be removed by soaking the seeds in hot water and allowing them to cool. The seeds floating in the container should be discarded. Make sure that you completely dry the seeds before storage.