3 Tips for Creating Cubby Storage in a Spare Closet 3 Tips for Creating Cubby Storage in a Spare Closet

If you have an unused closet, use cubby storage to maximize it. Cubby storage is using individual compartments. Essentially cubby storage is using hollow receptacles to keep your possessions neat and tidy. The article that follows will share several tips with you on how to create your own cubby storage in an unused closet.

1. Milk Crates

These are the perfect solution to cubby storage. They are durable, a good depth and can be oriented so the opening is facing toward the door of the closet. You can use as many as you need in order to create a wall of cubby storage.

2. Shoe Tree

You can purchase hanging show trees that are meant to hang on the back of the closet door. These pockets are large enough for small, narrow boxes. These can store all sorts of objects. The best part is you can hang them from the rods installed in the closet.

3. Wheel Boards

These are more commonly found in a garage and are used to allow easy access to the underside of the vehicle. You can create your own out of plywood and 4 wheels. Place several in a closet with a tower of cubes on each and then you can move them to maximize space.

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