3 Tips for Hand Sanding Your Wood Floor 3 Tips for Hand Sanding Your Wood Floor

Hand sanding a wooden floor is an arduous task. You will spend hours on your knees and you will likely ache quite considerably when you are finished. It is also a very slow process and you will not achieve it in one day. Before deciding on hand sanding, consider other, more effective methods for sanding floors.

Tip 1 - Mind your Knees

If you are going to spend hours bent down on your knees you would be well advised to cushion them properly. Using professional knee pads will help but add a more soft approach like an air cushion or small thick pillow.

Tip 2 - Sanding Technique

Use an electrical sander if you can. If you have chosen to use a block and sand paper use grain directional motions and keep the sand paper steady on the floor. Don’t over stretch your body – stay within a comfortable reach and move all of your body to the next sanding spot.

Tip 3 – Sand Paper

Always start with the heavy grit and work to the fine grit for smoothing. If the wooden floor has previously had varnish you will need to heavy grit to remove the top coat and get the wood back to the natural grain.

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