3 Tips for Hanging a Candle Wall Sconce

candle wall sconce
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-200

A candle wall sconce is one of the more distinctive decorative wall-mounted fixtures. This type of sconce adds a bit of class and antiquity to dark and narrow hallways and small dark rooms. The sconce grips to the wall and in olden times used to hold candles until the invention of gas lamps later on. The first ever lamp holder dates back to the fourteenth century and its basic parts can still be seen in modern candle wall sconces.

Today, candle wall sconces are designed and used for decorative and aesthetic purposes rather than lighting. They provide an alternative solution for wall hangings while adding an artistic touch. Nowadays, the styles of the candle wall sconce are more stylish and grand.

You'll find many variations on the traditional candle sconce. Some of the common materials used to create a sconce are iron, wood, and crystal. Depending on your room type, you can also choose from styles of rustic, classic, and casual candle sconces.

When choosing the type of wall sconce to decorate your room, you are also presented with the problem of how to correctly hang them. Below are some tips and tricks when hanging the candle wall sconce.

1. Choose the Right Area

Before attaching the wall sconce, look for the best area that matches its style and size. Mark the section where you want to mount it. Use a masking tape or any marker to note the holes of the sconce to the wall. This will later be your guide when drilling the holes for the screws. The technique here is to mark each area carefully and ensure that all the wall sconces align with each other.

The marking will help you prevent errors when estimating the dimensions of the area where you want the sconce installed. The appropriate length of the candle wall sconce from the floor should be at five feet and six inches. The length between the sconce and floor will depend on the actual room height. Room furniture and décor should also be considered.

2. Mark your Holes

Be sure to mark your drill holes with a pencil; be sure the holes are positioned so the sconce will hang level. Drill starter holes with a screwdriver and check that the holes are smaller than the actual screws. This is to hold the screw tighter and prevent it from loosening.

3. Choose Sconces with Easy Install Features

Candle wall sconces designed today are easily attachable to the wall. Most models hang like picture frames. Choose the style of candle wall sconce that has this kind of attachable feature for easy installment. Before fully inserting the wall sconce permanently on your wall, check the balance and alignment of each. Otherwise, you would have to repeat the process.

The candle sconce creates an ambiance that easily lights up the darkest portions of your room. Installing them is the hardest part of the activity so find the model that has features of easy mounting and set-up. If you need an extra hand, ask a family member to help you out.