3 Tips for Inspecting Your Air Conditioner Condenser 3 Tips for Inspecting Your Air Conditioner Condenser

Here are 3 tips to consider when inspecting your air conditioner condenser to make sure that it is working properly and that your air conditioner is working as efficiently as it possibly can. These tips for inspecting your air conditioner condenser include knowing how to locate your air conditioner condenser, identifying damage to your condenser and knowing how to remove and replace the condenser. The air conditioner condenser that is inside most window unit air conditioners are easier to work with and inspect than condensers that are contained inside larger central air units. In the case of a larger unit, it may best to leave the inspection and repair process to a seasoned professional.

This article will provide general advice for smaller window unit air conditioners that may be helpful in addressing any problems that may be affecting the safe and efficient operation of your air conditioner.

1. Locating the Air Conditioner Condenser

In order to inspect your air conditioner condenser you should know how to locate the condenser. In most window unit air conditioners the location of the air conditioner condenser is in the front of the unit. Opening the front panel to your window unit air conditioner should reveal the condenser and give you access for your inspection. 

If you are unable to locate the condenser when you take the cover off, you should look at the schematic for your air conditioning unit found in the owner's manual. This information may also be found at the manufacturer's website. Although this article is written to provide you with advice on inspecting the air conditioner condenser, you should have the exact information relative your brand of air conditioner in order to properly inspect the part.

2. Identifying Damage to the Air Conditioner Condenser

Once you have located the air conditioner condenser inside your air conditioner you need to inspect it carefully for damage or debris. Any debris that is built up on the condenser can be the result of black iron oxide, which is sludge-like byproduct that is created through the normal operation of the air conditioner. This debris can become harmful because, if left untreated over time, it will cause other parts of the air conditioner to stop working properly and reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner condenser.  

The air conditioner condenser can be cleaned by power flushing the air conditioner condenser with a power flushing machine that works to remove rust and black iron oxide buildup inside the air conditioner.

3. Removing and Servicing the Air Conditioner Condenser

If you witness damage on the air conditioner condenser that impedes its proper operation, you will need to remove the condenser from the air conditioner and replace it with a new condenser. Carefully dislodge the condenser from the inside of the air conditioner and replace it with the manufacturer's original equipment part (OEM) or a suitable replacement that is designed for your brand air conditioner. 

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