3 Tips for Installing a Mini Split Air Conditioner

A mini split air conditioner, sometimes called a ductless air conditioner, is one of the quietest operating air conditioners available due to the fact that the compressor and the cooling unit are separated. There are a lot of AC units on the market that require a lot of work when it comes to installation, but this unit does not. You can easily install your split air conditioner in no time just by following the simple tips below.

Call a Professional

For the best installation, have a professional help you out. Installation of the mini split air conditioner requires drilling a small 3-inch hole where the tubes will pass through and be connected to the compressor of the appliance. This may seem and easy job you can do yourself, but it actually requires an expert eye because of the estimates and where the tubes will pass.

Take the Compressor Far from Your House

Branded as the quietest of all air conditioners, the mini split  air conditioner is known to have its compressor away from the unit and is connected by a tube that is usually passed outside through a hole made in the wall. For optimum enjoyment of this quiet operational feature, you should be able to put the compressor as far away as you can from the unit itself. Just make sure that the tubes to connect the compressor and the main unit are long enough for the distance you have decided to make. You have the option to separate the compressor and the unit inside your house by more than 50 feet.

Place the Unit to Maximize Cooling

Because the mini split type air conditioner concentrates in one area when it comes to cooling, you might want to place it in a location where the air will blow out into all the corners you need cooled. It is recommended that the unit placed in the middle of the room rather than on the sides because it will not cover almost all the spaces in the room.

There are a lot of other advantages of using a mini split air conditioner rather than other units. It saves you a lot of money, especially when your home has a centralized air installed. When your house has a new room, you need not to demolish the roof and spend a lot to install a new duct for the air conditioning. All you have to do is to buy a mini split type and get it installed in that room.