3 Tips for Installing a Stone Vessel Sink

In order to install a stone vessel sink that you will be happy with, there are a few things to consider first. The height of the sink and the cabinet and/or vanity that the sink will be installed into is very important. These things should be considered before purchase, especially because, with most stone vessel sinks, the sink will sit on top of the countertop, which will increase its height. Some stone vessel sinks, however, can be placed to sit inside a hole in the top of the countertop. Be sure to assess what height is comfortable for you, and for the majority of people that will be using the sink. Also, the type of faucet for your sink should be considered. Like the installation of the sink itself, there are 2 options for faucet types as well. The faucet can either be mounted on the countertop with the sink, or on the wall behind the sink. After these factors are considered, and the supplies are gathered, you are ready to start installing your new stone vessel sink.

Tip 1 - Install the Faucet First

It is important to install the faucet correctly and safely. In order to do this, you may need to contact a plumber, although, most faucets that can be bought, will come with individual directions for installing that particular faucet on your own. It is good to install the faucet first so that you can decide the placement of where the water will be falling, how close it will be to the wall/back of the vanity, and how much extra room you will have to maneuver while installing the sink.

Tip 2 - Determine What Type of Stone Vessel Sink You Have Chosen

Because there are so many different styles of stone vessel sinks, it is important to understand the different needs of each before installation. If your sink is completely rounded, or if it is a cone shape, you may elect to install your sink so that part of it sits within the countertop instead of sitting the entire sink on top of the counter. If this is your decision, you will need to cut a perfectly round hole to the correct dimensions. If the hole is not perfectly round, there will be gaps that will be unsightly and will enable water to leak. You will need to decide how much of your sink you want to sit above the counter and be visible and cut a hole to fit these specifications. If you elect to sit your sink directly on top of the counter, then you will not need to worry about cutting such a hole in your counter.

Tip 3 - Applying Adhesive Correctly

Select a proper adhesive material before installation. When you are ready to actually place your sink, be sure to apply your adhesive to the entire perimeter of the area where the sink will have contact with the countertop. This is to prevent water from seeping under the sink if it is later spilled onto the countertop.