3 Tips for Laying Irregular Brick House Siding Patterns 3 Tips for Laying Irregular Brick House Siding Patterns

Brick house siding has the potential to completely transform your home and its visual appearance. Laying irregular brick house siding can be difficult. Below are some useful hints and tips to make installing irregular brick house siding easier.

1. Making a Rough Sketch

Do not simply lay down the bricks in any order. You need to consider the pattern first. To do this, complete a sample sketch or practice laying the tiles out before attaching them. It will be a nightmare to remove the siding if mistakes are made, so it is always better to do this before you start. Once you are sure of how to lay your bricks to ensure that the pattern matches, you can start laying the bricks.

2. Lining up the Grooves

When you apply brick house siding, most of the bricks will stay in place by locking into the previous brick. With an irregular pattern, it is more difficult to slot the bricks in place due to the design you are planning to work on. Work out the layout of the bricks prior to carrying out the task. Try to follow the pattern on the chart closely. This will make the installation process much simpler.

2. Altering the Shape

To match the irregular pattern, you may have to alter the shape of bricks using a saw. Saw the ends of the bricks to get rid of rough or sharp edges. This will make the process of laying the bricks easier according to your pattern.

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