3 Tips for Making a Cheap Granite Worktop 3 Tips for Making a Cheap Granite Worktop

A cheap granite worktop can be both scratch and heat resistant as well as aesthetically pleasing. A counter top made from granite may seem like an expensive project, however you can create your own granite worktop at a much more reasonable price. There are some innovative slate slab products on the market that will cut the costs in half.

1 - Slate Slabs

A newly developed granite slab product is now available in three different colors and is available at a number of home improvement stores. These prefabricated slabs come in a standard size of eight feet in length, 25 inches in width and one inch in thickness. The slabs also come with three finished edges and two side splashes.

2 - Costs of Slate Slabs

This standardized slate slab product is available at a cost of $18.16 a square foot, less than half the cost of most other granite counter top products.

3 - Slate Slab Modifications

These slabs can also be modified with a 4.5-inch grinder. By attaching the necessary blades and polishing pads, the entire job can be done at home at very little cost to the home owner. Slate slab retailers can also provide buyers with a DVD which includes video tips on using their product, including the best strategies for modifying and cutting the slab.

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