3 Tips for Painting a Two-Car Garage

The usefulness of a two-car garage can result in it requiring regular maintenance to keep it in good shape. By following the process required to paint it and taking into account a few tips, you can ensure that the job is done correctly.

Tip 1 - Clear Area

If you are painting the inside of your two-car garage as well as the door, the first step must be to clear out anything you have stored in there. If you have a large number of goods and it is inconvenient to move them all, maneuver them so that you are able to stack them all to one side of the garage. When doing this, ensure that you leave sufficient space to work when you are painting the free half of the garage. Cover the items with an old sheet or some plastic sheeting to protect them. Alternatively, clear the two car garage completely so that there are no obstructions.   

Tip 2 - Prepare Surface

To ensure that the paint takes as it should do and goes on smoothly, initially prepare the surface with a thorough cleaning. Avoid using a pressure washer if stored items remain in the vicinity of the two-car garage. Using a suitable surface cleanser, a bucket of water and a scrubbing brush, wash all the surfaces on which you intend to apply paint. Thoroughly dry the surfaces afterward. Use a scraper to get rid of any loose flakes of existing paint, this is especially relevant when it comes to the metal of the garage door. Treat any rust spots that you find to prevent them worsening by scrubbing them with a wire brush. If necessary, make use sandpaper to smooth the surface further and fill any holes or defects with spackle. Run a scraper across the surface to remove any excess before allowing it to dry.  

To ensure that the paint job lasts as long as possible, apply a suitable primer after the spackle has dried and before using any paint. The consistency of the base primer will often mean that it is easier to apply with a roller, using long smooth strokes to ensure an even surface. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly before proceeding and in accordance with the instructions.  

Tip 3 - Paint

Many paint manufacturers will outline details on the tin of the area any given volume of paint will cover. To prevent being left with a shortage or excess of paint, measure the dimensions of the areas in the two-car garage that you intend to paint before making any purchases to help you get the correct amount. Ensure that you obtain the correct type of paint for the surface you intend to paint as not all masonry paints, for example, are also suitable for metals. Bear in mind the materials when you are measuring the surfaces so that you know how much of each paint you require. Keep a rag to hand as you paint the surfaces to wipe away any drips.