3 Tips for Preventing Concrete Slab Cracks 3 Tips for Preventing Concrete Slab Cracks

Concrete slab cracks are expensive to repair and are also potentially dangerous. You can prevent concrete slab cracks and the information below will share some tips with you.

1. Wet Soil

One of the main reasons why concrete slab cracks happen is due to the earth surrounding it being dry. This dryness can leach moisture from the concrete and a crack can form. Prevent this from happening by diverting water run-off toward the concrete slabs to keep the moisture around the concrete slabs.

2. Seismic Testing

There is not much you can do with this problem except check with the local geological office to inquire if testing is being conducted or may be conducted. These jolts cause concrete slab cracks as companies send seismic waves to look for oil and gas reserves. Legal action can be taken against the companies but you can also modify the slabs to move with the jolts.

3. Weed Infestation

Weeds and other plants can cause concrete slab cracks as they force their way toward the surface. They are aggressive and persistent. Prior to placing concrete slabs always place carpenter's fabric in the bottom of the form first. This suffocates the ground which causes weeds and other plants to not grow.

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