3 Tips for Reducing Window Air Conditioner Noise

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A window air conditioner is one of the most popular units for home and office use. Some of the advantages of this unit are that it saves you the much needed space, because it is perfectly hung at a wall and at the same time you do not need to unpack it due to the winter season. But, like all other air conditioning units, these window types also produce noise. When not taken cared of properly, the noise could prove a little annoying over time, disturbing the peace at sleep or at work. It is recommended that air conditioner owners be informed of some tips to reduce window air conditioner noise.

Tip 1 - Preventive Measures as a Good Start

Window air conditioners are of different types and models. There are a lot of designs to choose from, and as an addition, these types also have different power levels. We can safely assume that when an air conditioner is powerful, the noisier it is. This is because it has larger parts which make it sound louder when it operates. As a preventive measure to keep your room or your office quiet, you should be able to check the noise levels of the air conditioners you are going to purchase and make it work for your office or your room.

Tip 2 - Maintenance is the Key

Window air conditioners are very sleek. And because of this, the parts that make this thing work are compressed in a small space which causes all the noise. Another thing would be that some air conditioning parts could be worn out due to wear and tear. This is why proper maintenance is another key to keeping a window air conditioner less noisy. One of the techniques that you can do to maintain your appliance is to clean it more often. To do this, you need to disassemble some of the parts that can be removed and clean them thoroughly. You can also put some oil in the parts so that it would work more quietly.

Tip 3 - Daily Check Up

When window air conditioners produce noise beyond normal, you have to be observant. Compare the noise when you first installed it to the present. If you see that the noise is louder than before, then it is time to check your unit. Oftentimes, this noise is produced due to the installation. By this, we mean after a long time, some screws get loose and you should be able to check on this. By using a screwdriver, you can tighten some of the loose nuts and bolts, reducing the noise of the air conditioner.

You have to be careful because the parts of the air conditioner is not that simple to disassemble and bring it back so if you are not very comfortable about doing it, you can always ask for an expert when it comes to air conditioner repair to do the job for you. Also, because this is installed through a window, a rattling noise can be experienced. You can reduce the noise it creates by using some putty.