3 Tips for Removing Stain Remnants before Restaining Furniture 3 Tips for Removing Stain Remnants before Restaining Furniture

Removing stain is an essential part of the process when applying new stain to furniture, which ensures that the result is even. When removing traces of existing stain, it is prudent to implement some tips that will allow you to prepare the surface properly.

1 – Sanding

If the furniture needs to be sanded before any further treatment is undertaken, consider whether this will be a suitable method for removing the stain. Completing the project in his way, will negate the need for any harmful chemicals to strip away the stain. Start with a fine grit of sandpaper and gradually work your way up, if required.

2 – Stripping Solution

When you are dealing with an item of furniture that is ornate, and comprises patterns and swirls, it can be difficult to use sandpaper or a sander. In this case, it will be necessary to use a chemical solution to strip the stain away. Use the stripper sparingly, by gathering some onto a cloth before applying it to the surface.  

3 – Inspection

The task of removing stain must be completed thoroughly, to ensure that the new stain is applied evenly and the result is as desired. To ensure that this is the case, make sure that you thoroughly inspect the furniture, to find all the instances of stain that need to be removed.

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