3 Tips for Replacing Air Conditioner Lines

Air conditioner lines are essential parts of an A/C unit. Their purpose is to remove air from the conditioner and take air into the unit. They help to keep air circulating within the unit, and to keep the whole system cool. Sometimes, they suffer from condensation and freezing, and you may be forced to replace the air conditioner lines before they cause serious problems with the entire unit. In order to replace the A/C unit air lines, you will have to bear a few things in mind in order to get the best from the replacement, and to keep the air conditioner lines working correctly. 

Work Safely

The air conditioner unit is a difficult item to manage, and you will have to take a number of precautions before you begin to remove the air conditioner lines. Before you begin to work, unplug the A/C unit, or make sure that it is turned off at the mains. Wear safety gloves, and if you are using a step ladder, make sure that it is placed on an even surface. If you are at all unsure about how to proceed safely, have a professional do the job for you. When handling the lines, remember that you are using refrigerant, which can be dangerous to skin and eyes. Always handle all of the tubing and liquids in an A/C unit very carefully. 

Locate the Damage

When replacing an air conditioner line, you will have to know which of the lines need to be replaced. The leak can be very near the top, in which case you may save time and money by just shortening the tubing until the split or crack in the line has been removed. You should also take a note of the damage in order to understand where it has come from. There is little point in replacing a piece of tubing until you know why the damage was caused, after all. You should also take the opportunity to check the other lines on your air conditioner, and make sure that they are not clogged.

Get a Kit

If you need to replace the line, you may decide to buy an Air Conditioner Line kit, rather than simply find a piece of hose. Line Kits have a lot of positive aspects to them, including reduced cost, and instruction kits which can help you to place the line in the right position, and get the air conditioner connected properly. If you are using a portable A/C unit, then this is even more important, as you will have no previous guide holes showing you where the wires should go. The Air Conditioner Lines kit will have both the large and small lines included, so you will need to be sure which of these needs to be replaced (by checking the damage, as above) before you proceed.