3 Tips for Soundproofing a Room

Soundproofing a room may be needed if you perform activities such as band practice or use various tools and machines that make a lot of noise. To get the best possible results, you should get some tips.

1 - Check the Wires

Before applying fiberglass, make sure that all the wires in the walls are in place and make any necessary reparations.

2 - Hang the Drywall

The wall that needs to be soundproofed will be covered with drywall on both sides and soundproofing material on a single side. Decide on the side for the soundproofing material, so that you can have easy access. Hang the drywall on the other side.

3 - Apply Soundproofing Material

You can use fiberglass or expandable foam to soundproof the walls of a room. Fiberglass batts are easier to apply, while for foam, you will also need a blower. You may rent a blower for a short period of time. If you choose fiberglass batts, you should cram the batts, as in this manner you will stop more sound. However, if packed, fiberglass batts will not be as efficient in insulating the room. After applying the soundproofing material, hang the drywall to cover these materials. You can also opt for ready-made soundproofing wall coverings, which will make the task easier.