3 Tips for Spacing Shower Tile

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Properly spacing shower tiles can be frustrating if you aren't using the right tools. These handy tips will help you getting your shower tile spacing right first time:

Shower Walls

The walls of your shower need to be well-prepared before you lay the tiles. Ensure that the shower walls are even. Never tile over existing tiles.

Tiling Layout

Plan the layout before you start. Doing so will help you to start at the top of the shower, especially if you are planning to use any patterned border tiles. The tiles need to be even and horizontal all the way round, or you will have difficulty spacing them later.

Tile Spacers

Tile spacers are a useful and inexpensive tool. They cost $2 for a box of 500 from most hardware stores. They are also reusable. Tile spacers can be purchased in a number different sizes. The smaller the tiles you are using, the smaller the tile spacers should be. Place one on each side of the tile.