3 Tips for Troubleshooting a Slow Shower Drain

A slow shower drain can be caused by clogs that accumulate from daily use. Hair, dirt, and grime become trapped in the drain. If care is not taken to remove the debris, the build up will result in a slow shower drain. It can can result in an expensive repair or replacement that could be avoided if handled immediately.

A slow drain can lead to back ups and pools of water that presents a dangerous and unsanitary condition for everyone in the household. Here are 3 tips for addressing a slow shower drain and preventing it from becoming a problem in your home.

Purchase a Shower Drain Cover

The first way to deal with a slow shower drain is to watch how the water moves. It is possible that the existing shower drain cover is inadequate. Purchase a shower drain cover with holes that are small enough to filter hair and other waste, but large enough to allow water to pass through. The cover should be designed to fit snugly over the drain and not come loose or be disturbed while the shower is in use. Take the measurements of the shower drain opening. Doing so will allow you to determine how wide the shower drain is in order to purchase the correct cover.

Check the Level of Your Shower Floor

If the water pools constantly around the shower drain, chances are that the shower drain is not set at a plane that permits water to flow correctly. Hold a level across the plane of the shower floor. Elevation changes indicate that the shower bed is graded with a downward slope. If it is not, you will need a contractor to reset the shower floor.

Discolored Water Around the Shower Drain

If you notice that the color of water around the shower drain is a dirty brown, the shower drain is probably backed up or contaminated. The clog will need to be removed by hand in order for the drain to functioning correctly. If you are removing dirt, debris, or particles from the shower drain with your hands, be sure to wear rubber gloves so that you do not get any of the grime under your fingernails.

Your vigilance in this area will help you keep your shower drain working properly.