3 Tips for Using 3m Painters Tape 3 Tips for Using 3m Painters Tape

A popular and trusted brand of painters tape is the 3M Painters Tape. It is a specialized type of masking tape that will help you get a clean paint job finish without leaving any adhesive or damage on the surface.

3M Painters Tape is simple to use and it gives you many advantages that you will appreciate. With this medium adhesion masking tape, you can use it to mask the areas where paint will be applied or finished. It is also compatible on painted walls, woodwork, glass, and metal.

Here are three tips in using the 3M Painters Tape to help you achieve high quality and long lasting results.

Tip #1 - Surface Preparation

Check the surface and ensure that it is clean and dry. If the surface is dirty or wet, then there is bigger probability that the paint application will leak under the tape and will most likely ruin your work. Clean and wipe the surface to ensure that it’s dust-free and dry.

You may also conduct adhesion testing on a surface area. If the tape does not stick properly then opt for a more adhesive tape or, if the result shows that the tape also pulls off the paint then opt for a less adhesive tape. Also make sure that the surface you are applying the painters tape is smooth, as a rough surface can also ruin the paint job and will cause paint problems.

Tip #2 - Apply the 3M Painters Tape with Patience

Never stretch the painters tape when applying it on the surface to prevent any breaks or lift ups on the adhesive. Do it carefully and patiently. Pull the adhesive off the roll a few feet at a time press it on the surface without stretching it. Press it down along the ends of the adhesive and ensure that it is smooth and flat by using either a putty knife, or a 5-in-1 tool, or even a credit card to seal it. Please take note that this painter tape cannot be applied to lacquer, faux or other delicate finishes and also should not be used on top of a paint job that’s less than 30 days old.

Tip #3 - Remove the Painters Tape with Precision and Care

After your paint job is done allow the paint to cure and make sure that it is dry to touch. If you remove the tape when the paint is wet it will leave paint smudges. This process may take an estimated 1 to 2 hours or you can also wait up to 14 days before proceeding to removing it.





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