3 Tips for Using Mastic Tile

Mastic tile is simple to work with and inexpensive. It's commonly used for small tiles on walls or counter tops. Follow these steps to get the most out of mastic tiles.

Work in Dry Areas

In order for mastic to adhere properly the area, it needs to be completely dry. If you are working with sub-flooring, seal it first to avoid moisture accumulation above the flooring.

Grouting and Sealing

When mastic is used in areas that are prone to occasional moisture issues, using a proper sealant will keep joints in tact. Use proper grouting to keep moisture from accumulating under the tile.


Mastic is typically pre-mixed, making it an ideal choice for any novice. It's easier to apply when using a notched trowel and working in a horizontal direction. Doing so will support the tiles against the wall using gravity as it dries. It shouldn't be applied too thickly, or used to build uneven surfaces. Both can cause the tiles to crack and pop later.