3 Tips for Tiling With Thinset Mortar

mortar and tile

Thin-set mortar is commonly used for bathroom tiling projects. Since thin-set is less affected by water and moisture, it's popular for bathrooms, sauna rooms, and any other area where moisture can be a problem. Using it can be slightly different than using other types of adhesives. Here are some best practices.

Clean the Surface First

The surface to which you will apply the mortar must be thoroughly cleaned. A quick wipe is insufficient. Grease, mildew, oil, and paint affect the mortar's adhesion. Scrub the surface and allow it to dry.

Apply Adhesive directly to Tile

Many adhesives suggest applying to the surface before placing the tile. With thin-set, it's suggested that you apply the mortar to the tile first in order to create a flatter surface that is easier to clean. It will also prevent the foundation from drawing moisture from the mortar, allowing you more time to work with the tile.

Mix Only What You Need

If you try to mix an entire bag of thin-set mortar before you begin the project, you may find yourself throwing away money because the thin-set will lose its consistency. Only mix what you need.